Meet the Crew

Meet our captains and crew who are dedicated to bringing you on your perfect yachting cruise.

Ali Kasapoğlu

Yacht Captain

A native of Üçağız village, our yachts’ home port, Ali grew up next to the sea. The son of a fisherman, he spent his childhood fishing and playing on his father’s boats. Long before the first tourists arrived, his father would take Ali to gather olives from the island, crossing the straits in an open rowing boat.

As he got older, an official captain’s license became a requirement. Along with other locals, Ali went away to study the official course, obtaining his captain’s license while still a teenager.

In 1985 Ali first began working with tourists, bringing passengers from Kaş to Kekova. A couple of years later, the family built their first yacht, a 17 metre gulet which has since been sold. In 1995 together with his brother they commissioned the Kasapoğlu II, and a couple of years later added a third yacht, captained by a fellow villager. By 2002 they found their original yacht was too small, and commissioned the Kasapoğlu V, completing the fleet of three that are running today.

Remzi Kasapoğlu

Yacht Captain

Ali’s older brother, Remzi likewise grew up right next to the sea. Even the daily walk to school sometimes involved water, as the rough path was partly submerged in the sea.

With fishing in the family, it was inevitable that Remzi would follow his father’s footsteps and earned his living as a fisherman. Later as the first tourists began to arrive to the region, he began to use his fishing boat to bring tourists on trips around Kekova bay, while still catching fish in the off-season. When it became clear that tourism was a fulltime occupation in itself, he joined his brother and set off to Izmir and then Istanbul to take the official courses in navigation, safety and maintenance, leading step by step to a captain’s license.

When Remzi was just twenty-three and his brother eighteen, they bought their first gulet-style yacht and began longer, multi-day trips further along the coastline. By 1995 they acquired a second boat, with each brother captaining their own yacht. Today the two brothers continue to work as captains, employing many of their fellow villagers from Üçağız to serve the guests to this region.