A week’s cruise from Fethiye to Rhodes and Bozburun peninsula

Leaving from Fethiye in Turkey this yacht cruise takes in the Greek island of Rhodes as well as the stunning Turkish coastline, letting you experience the contrasting cultures of these neighbouring countries. On both sides of the border, you’re certain to find good food, sunny skies and a warm welcome.

Depart Fethiye

Fethiye is the perfect place to start your holiday, offering a great mix of traditional and modern. There are Lycian and Roman sites to explore, shops and market stalls in the town itself, and scuba diving in the bay. In the afternoon we’ll welcome you on board our gulet for your first evening and night afloat.

Yassıca Islands, Ağ Limanı

For a first taste of what the week has to offer, it’s hard to beat the Yassıca Islands. Wide stretches of sand, pine forests above, and a calm lagoon for swimming make this a real beauty spot. After lunch we’ll set out for Ağ Limanı, where we will be staying the night. There are two bays here, giving plenty of room for everyone to have a swim, as well as a trail which leads you gradually uphill past olive trees to the summit and its views of the sea below.


It’s an early start on Day Three for the journey across to Rhodes. We’ll arrive around lunchtime and stay the night, giving you ample time to explore. This Greek island became an important centre for commerce under the Byzantine Empire before it was taken over by the Knights Hospitaller. All these cultures have influenced the architecture of Rhodes. The old town, easily walkable from the harbour, is a World Heritage Site, home to ancient Greek monuments including the Acropolis with its ruined temple, while the newer settlement has shops and restaurants to tempt you.

Bozukkale, Symi

We’ll make the crossing back to Turkey the next morning, arriving in the bay of Bozukkale with its ruined citadel. An hour’s walk takes you to the ancient city of Loryma, though you may prefer to spend your time swimming or sunbathing. Then it’s over to the picturesque island of Symi, once famous for shipbuilding and sponge diving, now a quiet and peaceful place with a small population. Brace yourself for breathtaking views as we enter the harbour for the night.

Bozburun, Çiftlik

On Day Five we’ll travel to the uninhabited end of the Bozburun peninsula, where rocky mountains cradle the narrow bay of Serce Limanı. Enjoy a swim before lunch in this natural shelter. Our overnight stop will be Çiftlik, whose clear, tranquil waters make this bay particularly suitable for diving and snorkelling.

Ekincik, Kaunos

Ekincik is packed with sights and activities. Setting off after breakfast, we’ll spend the whole day here, as well as mooring overnight. Where the Dalyan river meets the sea, hire a piyade, a local boat with a shallow draft, to take you upstream. You’ll pass Turtle Beach, where loggerhead sea turtles come in summer to lay their eggs in the sand, the distinctive Lycian rock tombs, and the ruined city of Kaunos, before arriving at the mud baths. Fed by a natural hot spring and credited with healing powers, thermal baths have existed on this spot for centuries.

Turunç, Fethiye

On our way back to Fethiye we’ll stop at Turunc, an unspoilt, secluded bay which boasts a restaurant specialising in local cuisine and seafood. Swim in the clean, blue water, gazing up at the high cliffs behind, and work up an appetite for plates of fresh fish.

The last night of the cruise will be spent, like the first, in the harbour at Fethiye. Enjoy one last breakfast in the morning before bidding farewell to the gulet which has been your home from home for a week.

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