Kasapoğlu Turkish Gulet Yachting

Turkish Gulet Yachting

Kasapoğlu Yachting is a small, family-owned and operated Turkish Gulet Yachting company that has been providing unforgettable holidays around the Mediterranean since the construction of our first gulet in 1985. We are one of the oldest and most trusted gulet tour companies in the region.

We have three gulets that are currently active, constructed between the years 1996 and 2005. We are very proud of the Turquoise Coast, a dream to you but a home to us, and we consider it a pleasure and a privilige to enable so many people to experience the history, natural beauty, and culture of the area.

We operate boat tours from April to October in the southeast of Turkey, between Antalya and Bodrum in the Fethiye region. Our company is based in the village of Üçağız, in the Demre region of Antalya province.

Landline and Fax: +90 242 847 2036

Mobile: +90 532 272 6407

Email: alikasapoglun@gmail.com

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