Kasapaoglu gulet Blue cruising in Fethiye Gulf and the twelve islands :

gulet-cabin-cruises-in-turkey-If you do a gulet cruising holiday in Turkey, do not miss the Fethiye gulf and the twelve. Here you will enjoy the sun and the sea on our blue cruise in Turkey. We suggest yopu also to have a look around during your sailing because you will have the chance to see dolphins, flying fish, and even the sea turtles! This area is particularly rich in bays and coves wit all crystal water. Gobun bay is one of them ; During your gulet yacht tour you will have a chance to swim in this bay where, on the shore there are stairways leading to a small cave in the rocks. Another bay you will anchor during our gulet cruise in Turkey is Cleopatra’s Baths called so beacuse of the ruins of an mediaeval half sunken bath,  which came down because of the earthquakes in Fethiye. The local mythology says that when Cleopatra arrived in Anatolia one of her close friends decided to offer her a Roman bath ! All boat cruises in Turkey have an anchoring stop at the  Dockyard Island. It is interesting to walk until the highest point of the island for a view reaching until Fethiye. The most interesting island to stop during yachting in Fethiye gulf is no doubt the flat islands ;  the salty lake in the middle of the long sandy part of the island makes it particular. Swimming  enjoying the clear sea and the clean shore of the red ground is what offers the red island.