Easy Does It

Easy Gulet Cruise TurkeyWhen traveling with a Blue Cruise, there is plenty of time for the simple things in life – this is a true break from reality. After our departure from the marina, you have the chance to live as if in a dream, watching the landscapes slide by as we glide through the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. The calm water and fresh breeze creates a perfect atmosphere to turn your mind loose.

When we are cruising we make frequent stops for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. After all, if we were landlubbers we´d check into a pension! There will be at least two such stops every day and we will have the chance to go ashore on many days. Our yachts feature a comfortable common area with a table for drinks and games, Turkish halı (carpets) underfoot to make you feel at home, and enough space for everyone to breathe freely. We provide all the support you need and all the comfort you could want, like a small and charming hotel, set against the glorious backdrop of the Turquoise Coast, shifting hues with the passage of day and night.

During the journey, you will be free from the necessity of making decisions – the captain will arrange the travel, the cook will ensure that no one goes hungry, and there will be new sights on the horizon every day to delight your eyes, feed your soul and open your mind.