Blue Cruise Captain and Crew

Blue CruiseOur Blue Cruise will travel under the keen eye of an experienced Captain with first-hand knowledge of the area. He is responsible for the safety of all onboard, and he will modify the itinerary when necessary. We also travel with a cook, prepares fresh and delicious food in the local style every day. Also onboard are one or two crew members to assist them. The crew has their own quarters, separate from the guest cabins. All staff members undergo screening procedures before they are hired to ensure that they have the aptitude to facilitate charter cruises. Many of our employees have known the business of sailing from childhood – life at sea is second nature. We pride ourselves on the friendliness and attentiveness of all our crew members – you can feel free to ask them anything, whether you are after a historical tidbit or just a cold beer. If you are please with the service at sea, tips are accepted at the conclusion of the journey.