About Our Yachts

yachtsKasapoğlu Yachting offers three different yachts – Kasapoğlu 2, 3 and 5. They were all constructed in Bozburun, Turkey within the last 15 years, and we do regular maintenance to keep them working at top form.  The skeletons of the yachts are made with mulberry, a very strong wood from the tree that also produces very sweet berries. The hulls are mahogany, and the decks and fittings primarily teak. The gulets are equipped with state of the art facilities to ensure your comfort at sea: showers, toilets, a complete galley commanded by a chef, and of course plenty of chairs, tables and cushions in the cabin and on deck. We occasionally run a generator to provide 12 Volt electricity onboard for charging electronics. Although the yachts are fitted with with sails, we move under diesel power  in the interest of efficient travel and crew economy. Each vessel also has a small boat that is towed behind the large craft, used for passage to land in areas without a harbour.

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