Quality Private Yacht Charter

Yachting in Turkey is a small family-owned charter yacht business. We specialise in private yacht charters for small groups and families, and provide a personal service customised to your needs. By booking directly with us, the owners, you can avoid the significant markup charged by yacht booking agencies. At the same time you’ll benefit from accurate local information and avoid miscommunication and false promises.

The Turquoise Coast

The ruggedly green Taurus mountain range that provides such a spectacular backdrop to our cruises has also protected it from over-development. It is only in the last couple of decades that a proper coastal road has been completed. Yet this region has been inhabited for millenia. Ancient civilisations including the Lycians, Karians, Romans and Byzantines have left their ruins scattered above and below the waves.

They traded by sea, bringing cargo across the Mediterranean and Aegean. Our gulet-style yachts, although custom-built for cruising, are modelled after a style of boat once used for carrying cargo in this region. Read more about our yachts.

Specialist in longer tours

We find that the needs of smaller groups cruising for several days or more requires a different approach from catering to daytrippers. Therefore we focus exclusively on multi-day tours from three days up to one or two weeks.

Most of our bookings are private charter – ie guests have full private use of the yacht. However for individuals or small groups on a limited budget, we do offer a limited number of places on one of our open tours.

Experienced Local Captains

Our three yacht captains hail from Üçağız, a traditional fishing village at the mid-point of the blue cruise region, facing Kekova Island. We’ve been sailing here since childhood, so we each have unrivalled knowledge of every hidden inlet, snorkelling spot and shoreside restaurant. Each of our captains speaks English, and aside from commanding the boat and crew, we are also your host and guide, responsible for ensuring that every moment of your cruise is memorable.

Take a look at some of our sample itineraries and picture your next holiday onboard your own private yacht tour.

Ali Kasapoglu



Captain Ali Kasapoğlu